Frequently Asked Question - Who is Spectware?

Who is Spectware?

Spectware is a US-based company that was founded by Eric Skinner, an experienced crane inspector who recognized the need for an automated inspection process that would make his job-- and the jobs of crane inspectors like him-- considerably easier.  In researching the market for an appropriate crane inspection tool, Skinner came upon solutions that provided only very limited capabilities.  Most offered the ability to create electronic forms but without the ability to collect intelligent data from these forms.  Storage was also a rpoblem, requiring users to store information on their own computers. 

Skinner envisioned a mobile solution that was more comprehensive; one that included an off-site regulations database to eliminate confusion about current inspection regulations, off-site storage to ensure that your reports are protected, a mechanism that ensure that every crane inspection was conducted at the level three safety standard.  In 2009, he founded Spectware and spent the next two years working with his chief engineer to develop a comprehensive crane inspection management solution.  During this time, Skinner spent time in the field, working together with his engineering team and a seasoned crane equipment litigator to continuously improve his product based on feedback received from crane equipment owners, supervisors and inspectors.  In 2011, Spectware launched Spectware Pro, the first crane inspection management tool that gives you full oversight of the crane inspection process--anywhere, anytime, from any internet-enabled device.